Preschool | Pre-Schooler Care | Reston, VA


Our preschool classes have learning centers spread out around the rooms. These centers include art, reading, blocks, dramatic play, science, math, computers, sensory, music, etc. The children are encouraged to explore, experience and freely choose activities to foster their development in all these areas.

We focus on and value the "process" more than the "product."

Our preschoolers are learning real-life skills, self-help skills, and skills to aid in socialization with peers.

Open-ended learning experiences

"This is an AWESOME child care center! My two sons attended many years ago. They were more than ready for kindergarten when they left Simon Center."      

                     – Robin D.                                                            


Preschool is just the beginning of your child's school experience.  

Let us give your child a strong educational foundation.  

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Foundations for their future

A positive sense of self is the foundation for all later learning and success in life. Our teachers design activities that help develop a confident self-image, a strong sense of self-worth, and an understanding of their place in society.  


As the preschoolers become more self-sufficient, we encourage their understanding of basic life skills with daily opportunities to display their growing independence. The "jobs" of helping set the table for lunch, gathering art supplies for a project, and selecting books to go along with the weekly theme are all examples of how children in our program gain meaningful information regarding responsibility and community.