Pre-K Care | Pre-Schooler Care | Reston, VA


Our staff will help your child flourish under their guidance.

Graduating from the Simon Center's Pre-K program will prepare your child for the next step... Kindergarten!

Exploring their options

Our Pre-K program helps your children explore and choose activities that are interesting and challenging to them.

We have music, computers, gross and fine motor activities, plants and animals, sensory, books, dramatic play, blocks, art, science, woodworking, and math centers for active learning through play.


Our staff members plan both group and individual activities to help your children develop as they get ready for kindergarten.

Developing life skills

Our Pre-K program focuses on the acquisition of real-life and self-help skills while the children learn to socialize with their peers. These skills can all help your children flourish in social and educational settings later on in life.


We begin teaching the subjects of math, social studies, and science using everyday activitites and by using their own classroom as a "community of learners." The Pre-K room is a print-rich enviroment which emphasizes reading-readiness.

For phonetic awareness, the class is introduced to a "letter of the week" during the school year.  For each letter, the class will learn to recognize it in print, to write it correctly, and the sound it makes as the beginning letter in a word. In addition, we expose them to a "word wall" to introduce sight-reading throughout the year.

"Well, the last of our children is finishing the summer as a ‘star’. You’ve been a part of our family for the past 8 years.  All the teachers there (lead, assistants, floaters, administrators) are so wonderful and have found ways to touch our children’s hearts in ways we couldn’t imagine or know how to reach.

It’s just a terrific school."  

                                 -Alicia O.

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