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Watch your baby's many "firsts" as new milestones are achieved while under our loving care.

New experiences

The transition from home to school can be difficult for infants and for their parents. Our teachers strive to make the Nursery classrooms a home-away-from-home for you and your child.


Our infant classrooms include open play spaces, low shelves, and stimulating toys to explore – all designed for hands-on learning in a child-friendly, safe environment. The infants enjoy musical instruments, picture books, textured toys, time spent outdoors, challenging movement activities, small group times, and always a lap to sit on and teacher to hug.

Infant development

Infants are active, sensory learners. Our teachers provide daily sensory activities, equipment designed to challenge infants' motor skills, and social experiences that will enhance their learning opportunities.  


Our infant program welcomes children 3 months to 16 months old.

All children are on individual schedules, with on-demand feeding and naptimes as needed. For infants under 12 months old, parents may supply formula or breast milk and food, unless using the formula and infant jar foods provided by the center.

"My 2 year old son has gone to Simon Center since he was an infant, and I have a second baby due in Sept. who will as well. I can't say enough good things about this center - the teachers treat the children like their own, the curriculum keeps their little minds working, and the expertise provides parents such a sense of relief."          - Jill D.

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If you are looking for a nurturing and warm environment for your baby, give us a call today.

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